Research Symposium - Designing Critical Messages

March 3, 2013


A research symposium from the Culture-Theory-Space, Message and Design Knowledge research groups from the Faculty of Arts. Monday 24 June 2013
Lecture Theatre 1, Roland Levinsky Building

This is a unique free event, a day of discussion about proactive, reactive, reflective design methods and practices.

Different types of research are fundamental to design. New forms of common empathy help us create a platform to question and act on the challenges we face in the future; when deployed wisely, design and architecture can bring us pleasure, choice, strength, decency and much more, but if it is abused, the outcome can be wasteful, confusing, humiliating and dangerous. None of us can avoid being affected by design, whether or not we wish to. It is so ubiquitous that it determines how we feel and what we do, often without our noticing.

Our world is changing and how we educate for that world is changing too.

This day event will weave some threads of how we might tackle, understand and reflect on these changes. To book a place, please

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