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All our MA work is linked to our Research group - Design Knowledge Research - Much of the research undertaken by Design Knowledge is diverse; the group's focus is applied design as well as creating critical dialogues about design, its education, implementation, materiality and its future trajectory. The group has a strong interdisciplinary ethos that befits contemporary design practice and has experience in Design Strategy, Design and Making, Human Centred Design Processes, Retail and Spatial Architectures, Design for Exhibition, Environmentally Sensitive Design and Design Narratives, Technology, Service Design/Interaction and Product Design. For further information please contact Pete Davis Visit the Design Knowledge Research Group research directory page and the website.

Design Knowledge promotes the progressive practice of applied design, the application of design thinking and the multidisciplinary diversity of design innovation. The research focus can be grouped into several areas and are multidisciplinary; the research is human centered, design that is focused on the person, environmentally and sustainably aware design, design and artefact manufacture, retail and spatial architectures. Design Knowledge has enterprise links that extend to industry and regional makers, this ensures the relevance and social impact of the groups research. Design Knowledge has established a series of enterprise initiatives providing industry with creative talent and world renowned design processes and know-how. This cluster also produces advanced inter-disciplinary research and operates at the levels of post-doctoral research, doctoral study (MPhil/PhD), and post-graduate study (MA, MRes) Design Knowledge has also hosted two successful international conferences, All our Futures2 , that concentrated focus on Design’s relationship to sustainability, business and social meaning, and Cabinet: Connections and Collections which bought together international speakers to discuss the changing role of museum’s and the relationship they have with, design, universities and cities. In 2014 Design Knowledge co-organised the ten years celebration of the European Academy of Design: Crafting Design Education conference in Sweden. Our latest exhibition included 50 of the worlds best designers in ENVELOPE in partnership with the Smithsonian Museum and FOUNDATION.

Research in this area

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